Green fab HTPLA

Green fab HTPLA

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Compared to standard PLA FibReel fab HTPLA(High Temperature PLA) can be heat treated to offer higher temperature resistance. FibReel fab HTPLA offers the simplicity of PLA printing with quality, compatibility, reliability, durability, performance and finish that is so exceptional you'll want to use it every day. FibReel HTPLA is heat-treatable un-like standard PLA, but capable of much higher temperature stability than regular PLA, it offers exceptional finish and performance for your functional prototypes and final part production. Amorphous to crystalline material changes are achieved by heat treating. Amorphous structures change drastically near their glass transition temperature (Tg), crystalline structures maintain useful properties above Tg and towards melting (Tm). Heat treating greatly increases the useful range as seen by the difference between Tg and Tm.

Semi crystalline, heat treatable PLA for high temp use

1.24 g/cc
346 m/kg (1.75) 130 m/kg (2.85)
Typical Printing Temp:
205-225 C
Glass Transition (Tg)*:
60 C
Peak Crystallization (Tc)**:
95-115 C
Onset to Melt (Tm)***:
155 C
Typical change when heat treated:
-2% x/y +1% z

At FibReel we have a well equipped 3d printing studio with a lot of popular 3d printers. We know our materials will give you excellent results and to help you get these results here are tips and trick for using FibReel 3D printing filament.

1) Nozzle size = 0.4 mm (Standard to most printers & balances detail with productivity.)
2) Extrusion width = 0.45 mm (Typically larger than nozzle size. If using a larger nozzle diameter, be sure to set the extrusion width larger than that nozzle diameter.)
3) Layer thickness = 0.15 mm (For a balance of speed, quality & reliability.)
4) Speed(s) = 15-45 mm/s (Respecting mechanical and volume flow limits. Stay within the recommended speed range but apply slower speeds to the walls and faster speeds to the infill.)
5) Volume flow rate(s) = 1-3 cu mm/s (The result of above speed range, width, and layer thickness. Respect hardware and geometry limitations.)
6) Typical temperature = 215 C +/- 10 C (Matching material, hardware, and volume flow rate.)

Adviced 3D Print temperature
Adviced 3d print speed 40-50 mm/s
Advised Heated bed 50-60C
Cooling fan Use the least amount of cooling for best layer-to-layer adhesion. For better overhang performance use 50-100% cooling

1) FibReel fab HTPLA is used in a variety of outdoor, functional prints with engineering-grade performance applications as it's stronger & more durable!

2) Best suited for consumer electronics applications.

3) Accessories and hardware.

4) Simulation of old knobs and buttons.

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Green fab HTPLA
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